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Architecture and Esthetics

Architectural Control

The purpose of an HOA architectural control request form is to maintain appearance standards and property values within the community. Our “Architectural Control Committee” reviews the architectural requests, and that committee is managing the architectural integrity of the community in accordance with the provisions of the by laws and CC&R’s in our governing documents.

Association members must submit an architectural request for the Architectural Review Committee approval prior to making any changes to the outside appearance of their property.

Your HOA has a responsibility to be in compliant with the restrictions as to use, quality of workmanship and material, nature of materials, harmony of external design and colors with existing and proposed structures, and location of improvements with respect to topography, finished grade elevation, lot boundary lines and building lines.

 So what types of architectural requests should HOA residents submit? 

  • Exterior painting, garage doors, or exterior doors

  • Decking & roofing

  • Landscaping or turf

  • Outdoor buildings or structures including patio covers, sheds, and play structures

  • Lot and perimeter fences and walls,

  • Driveways and ramps



Please note:  Annual Esthetics Reviews begin on May 1 of each year but compliance is expected throughout the year.  Please take a moment to review the esthetics’ checklist contained in the link below so that you may become familiar with all areas receiving attention from our esthetic volunteers.

All changes to the outside of your home need to be approved by the ACC committee BEFORE any work is performed.

Why Esthetic Reviews?

Many nearby communities do not have CC&Rs, and as a result, do not have any guidelines for maintaining properties within their development. So let’s face it, one of the reasons that you bought in Twin Lakes was its outward appearance and the apparent pride in ownership. Without esthetic reviews, our community would not be as desirable place to live.  When homeowners receive a violation letter, it can be less than welcome, to say the least.  If the violation is small or large, either way, our community is better in the long run if it’s fixed. “But I don’t have a rock wall, so I can’t have moss growing on it!”, if the review was an obvious error, PLEASE call the office and report it. You can ask to have someone take another look.  Problem solved. Throwing the letter in the garbage and ignoring it, doesn’t help. Volunteers are human and mistakes can be made. So please, if something is in error, communicate. Call the office and let us know that you cannot possibly fix both a roof and the other violations you may have that are costly. The office staff and Board will work with you.

A better-looking Twin Lakes is the goal every year.  Do your part to maintain your property and support our governing documents.  As Twin Lakes residents, we have a wonderful presence in Federal Way.  Let’s keep it that way!

Download the ACC form below.

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