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Foggy Lake


The two lakes comprising Twin Lakes are Lake Lorene and Lake Jeane, which are private lakes located on the Joe’s Creek watershed. Lake Lorene is managed by the Homeowners Association (HOA), and Lake Jeane is managed by the Twin Lakes Golf & Country Club. The HOA also owns Ponce de Leon, which is a stormwater detention facility that drains into Lakota Creek

Lake Lorene.png
Lake Lorene
Lake Jeane
Lake Jeane.png


The Twin Lakes HOA owns 3 beautiful parks for all the TLHOA members to enjoy. 

Treasure Island Park is on Lake Lorene and is the largest of the 3 parks the HOA owns and maintains. Many of our Community Events are held at this park, such as the annual Barbeque.


Ponce-de-Leon Park is on Lake Ponce-de-Leon and is the second largest of the 3 parks.

Hillside Park is located in division 10 and is a hidden gem of the HOA. It has an unbelievable view of both the Cascade Mountain range and Olympic Mountain range. The sunsets are spectacular from the top of the park. Check it out the next time there is a beautiful sunset, you will not be disappointed. This park is great for sledding when it snows.

Treasure Island Park
  • A walking track where 4 1/2 laps equals a mile.

  • Playground that includes a fort, slides, climbing wall, swings, digger, titer totter, balance beam and more.

  • Picnic Tables

  • Park Benches

  • Lake Side Swing at lakes edge

  • Swimming beach (swim at your own risk)

  • Fishing (must obtain a TLHOA fishing license at the TLHOA office, catch and release ONLY)

  • Boating (non gas powered boats ONLY)

  • Dog Station

  • Port-a-Potty

Ponce-de-Leon Park
  • Lake Fountain

  • Park Benches

  • Lake Side Swing at lakes edge

  • Walking path

  • Dog Station

Hillside Park
  • Picnic Tables

  • Dog Station

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