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Neighbor Best Practices

It's easy to be a good neighbor!

Garbage Truck

Bins on the Street

Garbage bins on the sidewalk block safe access to the walkways, forcing people with strollers and dogs to venture out into the road. Please place your garbage bins off the sidewalk and onto the road. 

Image by Gus Ruballo

Bins out of Sight

Please remember that your garbage and recycling bins cannot be visible from the road. Be aware of this if when cutting large bushes or changing the landscape in case your bins may lose their hiding spot.

Old Alarm Clock

Bins on Time

Please place bins out no earlier than the day before garbage pickup, and remove them the same day they are emptied.

Removing Weeds

Say no to Weeds

Those pesky weeds are no match for you! Please remove them when they are small and easy to manage so they don't become a bigger problem.

Image by Nikola Knezevic


Please avoid parking your vehicle on the sidewalk or next to round-abouts. If you have a guest who rolls up 2 wheels into the walking path, please kindly ask them to adjust.  

Black Sedan on Road

Drive Slow

Please drive slow through Twin Lakes to help keep our neighborhood safe and ensure that our children, pets, and elderly are not at risk of being hit by a speeding car.  Better to slow down and wave!

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